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State of the Bible 2023 has uncovered some challenging trends. But there are indicators of hope, too. For thirteen years, America has relied on State of the Bible for insights into our relationship with God, faith, and the Bible.
What's the State of the Bible in 2023?

American Bible Society is in its thirteenth year of conducting State of the Bible, asking American people their opinions and practices relating to the Bible.

  • Do people consider the Bible God’s Word? If so, what does that mean to them?
  • Does the Bible shape their daily decisions? In what ways?
  • How does Scripture impact their relationship with God or their spiritual growth?
  • How often do they read the Bible? And how do they choose what to read?
  • How do people of different ages, genders, races, education, or religions respond to all these questions? Are there regional differences?
  • How do those who engage with the Bible differ from those who don’t?
  • And what’s the trend line? 


Through these findings, we hope State of the Bible will help provide some direction for your biblical ministry as you respond to the needs of the people you serve.

Current chapters include
  • Introduction: Intuition & Insight
  • The Bible in America - 2023 Trends
  • Faith in Motion
  • Flourishing and Hope
  • Spiritual Vitality in America
  • The Faith of Generation Z
  • The Bible and Behavior in America
  • Technology and the Bible
  • Giving it All: Philanthropy and Service
  • Year in Review: Top stories and analysis from 2023
And, coming soon...
  • Stay Tuned for State of the Bible 2024!
Ed Stetzer

“The annual State of the Bible research is a remarkable tool for churches in America. Each piece of data acts as a guidepost, identifying cultural trends and highlighting groups of Americans whose hearts are softening toward God’s Word. By equipping themselves with these insights, churches can move toward more impactful ministry in their individual communities.”


Dr. Ed Stetzer

Professor and Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center
Wheaton College

Nicole Martin

“State of the Bible research is a beacon of light shining on critical areas and needs that we might not otherwise see. Thanks to this data, we can strategize and mobilize to meet the human needs reflected in these numbers. Our ministries become smarter and more effective as we see the impact of healing amplified across our nation.”

Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin

Chief Impact Officer
Christianity Today

John Farquhar Plake

“Each year, State of the Bible pursues a rigorous research agenda. It tracks key metrics year-over-year, and we look for connections to new
horizons in the scientific studies of religion, well-being, and society. This information is our gift to the Church, helping us see our neighbors clearly and serve them with grace and truth.”  

Dr. John Farquhar Plake

Chief Ministry Insights & Innovation Officer 
American Bible Society

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